Elevate Branding

Elevate Branding

… everything starts here …

Effective visual branding is so much more than catchy colours and an unusual font.

Effective visual branding translates the essence of your business vision and communicates it with impact and focus at every client interaction.

Your brand is a summary of your integrity, purpose and value.

The right visual branding conveys this at one unforgettable glance.

Don’t underestimate this fundamental component of your online business. (It’s a common mistake.)

  • Visual branding – everything starts here.
I could not be more pleased with my experience with Cre8design. For our launch event, the promotion mark-up came back…well, perfect. We had been searching without luck for a designer who shared our passion for detail and whose work was both professional and inviting. We finally found her! Not only did Cre&design have an enviable turnaround, they were always willing to help – offering a vision that was even bigger than our own- and went above and beyond to ensure our event was the success that it was! It is without hesitation that I recommend their services.

Jenna Tregarthen | Founder & CEO of Recovery Record - Eating disorder management App | www.recoveryrecord.com | Palo Alto California USA

Elevate Branding

… a business fundamental …

Elevate Visual Branding expresses your brand consistently, universally and memorably. And:

  • engages and motivates your readers instantly
  • connects deeply, individually and memorably with your ideal clients
  • speaks your message loud and clear: who you are, what you do, and why


Elevate Visual Branding strengthens all your business communication. And:

  • enables you to command higher prices & protects you from price competition
  • confirms your credibility & channels increased sales
  • concretes client loyalty & generates repeat business


Elevate Visual Branding gives you ownership of a cohesive, consistent and appealing high-end brand. This means:

  • impressing your clients and peers
  • feeling your courage grow and your self-worth increase
  • stepping up to the next level and watching new clients flock

What are you waiting for?

When I decided to create a website, I really had no idea where to start. Basia really managed to get to the essence of what I wanted to convey, concerning my work and came up with some great concepts and visuals. Always quick to respond, open to all ideas, it was a real pleasure to work with her. Since designing my site, Basia has also created fantastic publicity material for past and current exhibitions - I look forward to working with her in the future.

Maria Gorton | Artist | www.mariagorton.com | Robertson NSW Australia

Elevate Branding

… I serve you : you serve the world …

Feeling a little disconnected from your current branding?

Is your current branding missing the mark?

Need to change something, but you don’t know what or how?

Looking for a high-end visual brand and presence to elevate your business performance?

You’re in the right place.

I create unique visual branding that’s fully aligned with who you are.

This is what I do. With all my heart and soul.

Basia has been a delight to work with. She is professional, clear and has picked up on my needs and ideas and brought to light. I enjoyed her flexibility yet confident guidance in what would work best to express the essence of my product.

Claudia M. Gyr | MA Creative Arts Therapy | www.personalshrines.com | Byron Bay

Elevate Branding

… your package includes …

+ Meet & greet

A Vision & Planning Consultation includes:

  • An initial virtual tea date via Skype or over the phone
  • Your Elevate Branding Starter Pack

+ Your elevate branding items comprise:

  • Mood Board
  • Logo Design
    • Logo in various formats (size & file types) for a range of uses
    • Logo stamp – giving you an easy way to advertise your branding on any promotional material, such as a Facebook post
  • Text-based Logo Design – your logo with text only and no graphics
  • Visual Brand Style Guide – a comprehensive outline on how to use and apply your brand and logo, covering specifications for fonts, colours and minimum space requirements
  • Font Kit
  • Colour Pallete
  • Social Media Branding Kit
  • Facebook
    • Cover graphic
    • Profile graphic
  • Twitter
    • Background image
    • Profile pic
  • Youtube
    • Background image
    • Icon
  • Google+
    • Background image
    • Icon
  • LinkedIn
    • Background cover image
    • Profile pic
  • Grow your list
    • Newsletter header image
    • Banner image for your ‘thank you’ nurture sequence messages, sent when people subscribe to your email list

Note: Extras are available by custom quote

Elevate Branding

… the process …

Here’s how we work together:

+ 1/ Getting Started

As soon as I hear from you via my LET’S GET STARTED we find a convenient time for a 15-minute phone or online meet & greet.

+ 2/ Elevate Starter Pack + Payment

We speak our first ‘hello’ and at the end of our session, you’re thrilled to say ‘yes’. I send you the Elevate Branding Starter Pack and the link to my payment page (50% upfront payment). Once I receive payment, we’re ready to start as soon as you return your completed Starter Pack. I can’t wait!

+ 3/ Design & Review

I work on your mood board, logo, fonts and palette and create a draft Visual Brand Style Guide for your review, feedback and changes if required. Once you confirm by email your formal acceptance and approval of the Style Guide, I design your other brand elements. We have 3 cycles of review, feedback and changes (if required). Now you can’t wait!

+ 4/ Final Delivery

Once you formally accept all package elements, you receive a final copy of all documents and files, ready to go on all your platforms.

Let get started

Elevate Branding

… your investment …

Elevate Branding is specifically designed for elite movers and shakers who are serious about getting outstanding business results, and are ready to invest to that end.

I pride myself on providing premium services and products of exceptional quality for discerning online entrepreneurs.

If this is you, we really should talk …

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Elevate Branding

… FAQ …

+ How long does it usually take?

Typically 2-4 weeks, assuming that your feedback is prompt.

+ How do you take payment?

I take 2 payments: a 50% initial deposit before we start, and the remaining 50% once your site is live. My preferred manner of payment is bank transfer if you’re in Australia. Otherwise, please use PayPal. (PayPal accepts major credit cards).

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Elevate Branding

… the grapevine …

Basia Nowacki is my graphic designer ( print and web ), and had been for 4 years. Basia provides a passionate, prompt and professional service for my varied graphic needs. She is amazingly punctual -like no other graphic designer I have worked with. My company serves a diverse and varied marketplace. Cre8design has been able to tap into that diversity – yet still maintain a collective branding.This is where they excel. It’s an exquisite skill. Basia combines her lateral artistry + creativity – with market knowledge . Basia is always thinking of what my needs are. Her brandings/designs have longevity. She is a forward thinker. Cre8design provides exceptional value for money. Most importantly, Basia is a joy to work with. She is encouraging of my ideas – and fosters those, within her creative process. Huge talent.

David Starr | Photographer | www.soulconnection.net.au | Sydney NSW Australia


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