About me

  • First design job: marketing for a nude photo exhibition
  • Best moves: salsa
  • Design major: photography
  • Favourite book: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
  • Favourite place: Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
  • Can’t live without: MacbookPro
  • Obsessed with: tea!
  • Healthiest habit: a sun salute at noon

Beautiful design infused with powerful marketing

Your NOW

  • You’re a successful entrepreneur: positive, motivated, true-to-yourself and delightfully quirky.
  • You’re passionate about serving the world.
  • Committed to growth and change, you’re ready to step up to a new level in your business.
  • You’re going to need a remarkable website: a strong and elegant combination of clear branding and effective marketing.
  • You know it’s time, but you’re a little anxious about how to start.


  • Your remarkable new website is your closest business ally.
  • Compelling and authentic branding fully represents you and speaks directly to your market.
  • Your business offerings delight an expanding high-end market of exclusive clients.
  • Almost overnight, it seems, your business is on fire.
  • And you’ve never felt so deeply happy and fulfilled.

Your HOW

  • I offer a rare and sought-after combination of skills: beautiful graphic design and specialist online marketing.
  • I create websites where stunning design is integrated with powerful marketing.
  • Work with me and together we’ll turn your website into the best business partner you’ve ever hired.
  • I’ll serve you and you’ll serve the world.
  • Are you ready?



I’m Basia Nowacki,
Graphic designer, entrepreneur, lover of all things marketing and self-proclaimed tea addict, I was born in Poland and came to Australia when I was 5.

I’ve been drawing pictures ever since I could hold a crayon. After straight As in art, design and tech at school, I studied Visual Communication at uni.

My second passion – business – soon emerged, and I dreamt of opening my own design studio. But that’s tricky if you also love traveling (I spent a year in Mexico).

I needed a website that made it easy to run a successful business and travel the world. Maybe you do too?

I believe that the best design is functional as well as beautiful. My signature websites are a stunning combination of gorgeous design that supports and facilitiates effective marketing.

Both my own and my clients’ results speak for themselves. See what my clients say.

I love working with passionate women entrepreneurs. If you’re a coach, mentor or speaker, and you have a bold vision for the next phase in your business, please get in touch.

Together we can translate your vision into beautiful branding infused with powerful marketing. It works!

work with me...

Teamwork at Cre8design

I’m proud to be Director and Lead Designer at Cre8design, a boutique design and marketing studio. I feel privileged to lead an energetic team of professional designers and web developers. I have hands-on involvement for every project, and oversee the inspiring collaboration that brings your website vision to life. I love what I do, and look forward to working with you.


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